Quartzite is one of the newest and exciting options for natural stone because a lot of Quartzite slabs are similar in beauty to marble, but even more durable in many cases. Quartzite slabs are an increasingly popular option for many home applications including quartzite countertops, backsplashes and more, because they are available in many beautiful colours, textures and patterns. Typically, Quartzite is a more expensive natural stone, however many find it is worth the investment for high-use applications, such as a quartzite counter in the kitchen or bathroom, over the long term.


Quartzite can be divided in to two categories: hard and soft. Hard quartzite is the most durable and has a similar durability to Granite. It won’t scratch, stain, and is not sensitive to acid. Soft quartzite is in between marble and granite in terms of durability. It is generally more durable than marble, but still has some calcium carbonate and therefore can be sensitive to acid etching (though usually not quite as much as marble). Both are great options for any application such as quartzite countertops, a quartzite backsplash or wall feature.


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