Dolomite Marble is one of those stones that is frequently caught in the quartzite vs. marble mystery. Most commonly, Fantasy Brown , Calacatta Premium , Super White is dolomitic marble. That means it won’t scratch glass and it will etch with acids.  Still, it is a good option for your countertop if you want that Marble look with extra durability compared to a regular Marble such as Bianco Carara for example. Some Calacatta Premium has minor amounts of quartz mixed in with the marble. But the rock is still marble and will act like marble. This can be a bit confusing. Fantasy Brown is made of layers that have been folded and squeezed together. Some of the layers are marble, and some are quartzite. It’s best to treat this rock as marble. Do the glass or acid tests on each layer individually and you will be able to tell which layers are marble and which are quartzite.

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